In order to best serve you, we provide a variety of service platforms varying in degrees of integration from consulting to a fully integrated approach.  Our goal is to develop a program that it tailored in a way that meets your needs and positions your health care program and your community to thrive. With ruralMED, you will rest assured that we are not just working with you, we are part of your team.


We offer consulting services to help you improve areas of operations by finding ways to increase efficiency and manage your clinic. We will run audits, review the reports and develop a strategy with you.

  • Audits
  • Analysis
  • Process Improvement
  • Strategy

Support Resources

You can utilize us as a support group that is here for you when you have questions or need some additional coverage. These areas include:

  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Recruitment
  • Staffing

On-site Administration

With our on-site administration program, we employ a manager that comes to your site to manage your operation. This manager will also work side by side with our team for additional support.


Our all-inclusive program brings us on as your team. We will manage, staff and operate your healthcare organization.


A mixed platform that is tailored to meet your exact needs. No two organizations are alike, and we embrace that. Contact us to learn how we can best support you.