November: Home Care Awareness Month

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November is Home Care Awareness Month and a Great Time to Remind You of Healthcare Services and Supports Available in Your Home

Contact: Janet Seelhoff, Nebraska Home Care Association Executive Director at or (402) 423-0718

Did you know that except for performing surgery or delivering babies, a home health nurse can provide any healthcare services that you or a loved one needs in the safety and comfort of your home? That’s right. A home health nurse can help keep you or a family member from being re-hospitalized after surgery or an in-patient stay. They can help you heal from a wound, administer IV therapy, provide diabetic care, catheter care, respiratory care, help you with pain management, administer medication, do blood draws for lab work, provide bowel care, transfer patients to and from bed, offer bathing and personal care services. Therapists can provide balance and endurance training, prosthetic training, teach therapeutic exercises, and provide occupational therapy and speech therapy services.

Home care is lower than the cost of services in a hospital or facility setting and allows you or your loved ones to remain independent at home. Eligibility for skilled home care services requires a visit with your physician, a written plan of care and a homebound requirement if you are a Medicare beneficiary. If you are a Medicaid beneficiary, you aren’t required to be homebound. Personal care services are paid for privately or through a Medicare Advantage Plan.  Home care services may be covered by your commercial insurance policy or VA benefits if you’re a veteran. Please consult with your insurance provider to learn what your coverage options are for home care services.

To learn more about home care services and how to connect with a provider, go to or call the Nebraska Home Care Association at (402) 423-0718.