Hayley Prosser

Headshot for Hayley Prosser, revenue cycle director

Hayley Prosser

Title: Revenue Cycle Director


Hayley Prosser is our Revenue Cycle Director. She guides and leads our Revenue Cycle Billing and Coding services. She has extensive knowledge of both the hospital and physician revenue cycle, including an extensive background in critical access hospital and rural health clinic billing and coding. She is able to quickly identify areas of opportunity and collaborate with key stakeholders to implement process improvements. Prior to ruralMED, Hayley served in Revenue Cycle Management roles at Thayer County Health Services & Chase County Community Hospital in Nebraska, Bridger Orthopedic in Montana, and SCL Health in Colorado, where she optimized their revenue cycles utilizing various EMR systems including: EPIC, Cerner Community Works, E-Clinical, Athena NextGen, and Healthland.

Hayley’s ability to excel in process improvement strategies and collaboration to optimize patient satisfaction and financial performance is an asset to our partners and the ruralMED team.