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Why an Effective Medical Billing Team is Vital to Success:

The health care revenue cycle is an essential aspect of any medical facility from a single provider clinic to large teaching facility. Profit margins for hospitals and clinics are shrinking due to reduced carrier allowances, increased regulation, and increased carrier red tape.

Medical coding and billing require specialized skills to optimize reimbursement for medical services. Regulations are constantly changing and our expert team members work with you as an essential piece in receiving the highest reimbursements possible.

Our Product / Service Lines:

Each client’s needs are unique and we offer an “all inclusive” billing service package Man pointing to the word claimsor a pick-off-the menu list of services. The full service package includes annual review of their fee schedule, recommendations for updates along with the service lines listed below:

  • Payor Credentialing
  • Billing
  • Coding
  • Self-Pay collections
  • Review of Fee Schedule

Benefits of Working with a Medical Billing Partner:

  1. Economies of Scale: with multiple accounts our billing service distributes cost and overhead across our entire client base providing economies of scale. This allows our billing service to provide the highest quality of staff at a reasonable rate for our employees. By partnering with ruralMED to provide your medical coding and billing, we are able to scale to your needs as patient volumes fluctuate. When volumes are high, we have staff to support a greater number of claims and when volumes decrease you no longer have a fixed cost you are responsible for.
  2. Highly Trained Revenue Cycle Specialists: Our team is comprised of highly trained efficient coding and billing staff. Certification will be an expectation of employment for our team. We will integrate our team members with our partners’ teams, so we are all working towards a common goal with excellent communication. Our staff will work with our partners to ensure efficient over all work flow and provide training and work flow recommendations when necessary. Our partners gain access to a diverse knowledge base of billing and coding experts to ensure they are always optimizing their reimbursement.Our medical coding and billing service can also provide the benefit of a vast knowledge base with access to aggregated trends from our other network partners. This information keeps us on the cutting edge and that shared knowledge is transferred to all practices in real time. This information allows us to help our partners adjust to an ever changing industry.
  3. Adapting to a changing industry: The healthcare landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace and medical billing is at the forefront of those changes. New and deleted CPT codes come out annually, fees change, and carrier rules vary from day to day. Keeping up with these changes is difficult under the best circumstances and having true experts guiding our coding and billing staff takes the pressure off of our partners.
  4. Consistency: Billing in house can put a practice at risk in situations when staff are on leave and especially if you have vacant positions and claims start to pile up. An outsourced medical coding and billing service allows our entire team to serve your needs to ensure there are no interruptions in cash flow.
  5. Cash flow: The key to any successful business is consistent cash flow. Our partner’s AR has a significant impact on their bottom line. Our Medical coding and billing team can submit your claims faster and with fewer errors, ensuring optimized reimbursement at or ahead of the industry standard.
  6. Transparency: We supply our partners with comprehensive performance dashboards regularly and upon request. We will put the data in your hands with recommendations for operational improvement.


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